RES, the leader in digital workspace technology, helps organizations achieve better business results with reduced risks in security and compliance — while making enterprise technology easier and less disruptive for the worker to access. RES takes a people-centric approach to making technology access secure, even in complex multi-device/multi-location scenarios.

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IGEL Technology is a market leading innovative thin client vendor, producing thin client hardware and software,  providing customers access to almost any form of server-based infrastructure and applications, giving customers access to almost any form of server-based infrastructure and applications.

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Nutanix delivers invisible infrastructure for next-generation enterprise computing by integrating storage, compute and virtualization into a turnkey hyperconverged solution.  Nutanix elevates IT to focus on the applications and services that power their business.

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ControlUp is the leading provider of VDI Management and Monitoring solutions. At ControlUp we are spearheading the Collective IT Analytics revolution. By harnessing the power of big data analytics from thousands of organizations we find patterns, detect problems, establish dynamic baselines and generate actionable insights – offering smarter IT.

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Lakeside Software

Lakeside SysTrack provides data and tools to:

•             Make better informed  IT decisions

•             Assess, size and design desktop transformations projects

•             Monitor and manage user experience

•             Trouble shoot issues and performance

SysTrack is a natural attach sale to a Citrix desktop virtualization or mobility solution.  Lakeside partners also get access to free of charge assessment/planning licenses. Discover more at the Lakeside stand.

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Arrow ECS

Arrow ECS is a solutions distributor specialising in end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions including cloud services, data centre solutions, networking & security. Working with our channel partners, we optimise the efficiency with which organisations can store, manage, protect and deploy their data, equipping them with secure access to business-critical information any time, from any location, on any device.

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Commaxx er en verdiøkende distributør for Citrix m.fl og tilbyr tekniske løsninger som muliggjør en økt konkurransekraft og lønnsomhet for våre samarbeidspartnere.

Vi tilbyr våre partnere de beste løsningene og den beste kompetansen rundt levering av applikasjoner, mobilitet, virtualisering og administrasjon av sentraliserte og skybaserte infrastrukturløsninger.

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